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Q&A: Pat Stay speaks on the Arcane battle

Ask any fan who the best battle rapper in Canada is and chances are they’ll say Pat Stay. The Nova Scotian heavyweight started battling in Halifax’s Elements League in 2006 and with his King of the Dot appearances has earned the respect of both fans and battlers worldwide. He’s also poised to become the most-viewed Canadian battle rapper on YouTube after his highly anticipated title match against Arcane at World Domination 4.

Pat Stay takes a bite of breakfast at Nena's in Dartmouth.
Pat Stay takes a bite of breakfast at Nena’s in Dartmouth.

T.O. Battle Blog caught up with Pat over breakfast in his hometown of Dartmouth in late June. We talked about why he finally took the title shot, his beef with Marv One, his thoughts on the current state of battle rap and more.

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