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Q&A: Notez in the Dirty 30z


Notez is one of the most divisive figures in battle rap.┬áThe Toronto MC’s hood lyrics, in-battle theatrics and raspy patois energize live crowds while often offending online audiences. Take a look through the YouTube comments on any of his battles and you’ll find both derision and praise.

Notez too street for any URL cats -snwoodstock13

Trash!!! Notez fake ass is going to get bodied -EpicFreestyleKing

notez’ bars were so gutter, my speakers got stolen in the middle of his verse. -emceekinaze

First time I’ve heard Notez, hopefully it’ll be the last. -Jeremy Liu

But you can’t argue with his record: 13-2, with no losses since early 2011. True, most of his wins have been over unknowns, but he’s also beat some established up-and-comers like Yung Casper and Tycoon Tax.

We met up with Notez at his Teesdale housing project to get a sense of who he is outside of a rap battle.

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Battles of the week: May 12 – 18

In this edition of Battles of the Week, we give shine to some sleeper hits and break down the battles fans from around the world were talking about.


The first battle to drop from KOTD West Coast’s Alcatraz event, and the highest resolution rap battle to date. 3840x 2160? 4k resolution? 16:9 aspect ratio? Using the Red’s Scarlet camera? All I know is that Avocado is the man and we can expect this kind of quality from the rest of the videos.

Props to JC for putting in work for his first KOTD battle, and props to Caustic for being the first one to finally land a solid Bargate punch.

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