Final thoughts on Battle of the Bay 6

The crowd at BOTB6. Photo by @Lemme_Kno
The crowd at BOTB6. Photo by @Lemme_Kno via KOTD

It’s been a week since Battle of the Bay 6 and the reviews have been strong across the board for both the live event and the PPV. Illmaculate vs Bigg K definitely made the biggest splash on social media, and deservedly so. We’ve also seen a lot of praise for Saurus/JJDD and debate over Verb/Diz.

Despite the matchups being almost entirely West Coast KOTD vs East Coast URL, this event lacked the same animosity that WD4 had between battlers from those leagues. At WD4, Charlie Clips, Real Deal and Charron devoted almost complete rounds to calling out the New York league and its stars. If anything, battlers had KOTD in their sights this time, with Bigg K and Pass calling out the league and Chilla Jones responding to Real Deal’s WD4 round. There were, however, multiple references to Daylyt’s SM3 beef with Smack.

Daylyt’s influence was also clear on both Day 1 and Day 2, with several rappers using props and antics to make a point. Also attributable to Daylyt were the “one-phrase-flipped-so-many-different-ways” lines that he popularized with “bus stop” against Rich Dolarz and “Captain Jack” against Dialect.

Ultimately, we think the main theme of the night was KOTD’s versatility and the West Coast crowd’s ability to keep up. From our vantage point, the audience was equally feeling the intensity of Diz/Verb, the lyricism of Ness/Remy and the comedy of Clips/Dan.

For our full thoughts on the battles, check the Day 1 and Day 2 recaps, as well as our first attempt at a podcast:

We asked a lot of battlers and KOTD staff what they considered the battle of the night. The answers were varied and came after much thought. We’d say this shows how strong the entire card was.












-This is the section where we usually describe all the debauchery and fights that went on behind the scenes. From what we could tell though, the whole event went smoothly. No fights, just fun.

-Right before A-Class/Tantrum, an Ai Weiwei look-alike started complaining loudly from the audience, shouting something at Lush about “I paid $40 for THIS?” Lush got security’s attention and had him thrown out. As they were pulling the guy to the door, Lush gave him one last chance but the guy continued to talk shit and we never saw him again.

-Dumbfoundead and Traphik introduced the A-Class/Tantrum battle. The first time they flipped the coin to see who would go first, it fell down the smallest of slits on the stage.

-At a chicken-waffle spot filled with battlers after Day 2, J-Pro told us and a few other guys that he had secretly battled QP off-camera and only two other people had seen it. QP cancelled twice agaist Pro, so it was feasible that something like this could go down. A couple of days later, KOTD started talking about the “secret footage” dropping on the PPV, but then everyone realized it was all just J-Pro trolling the whole system.

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