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Predictions for Blackout 4

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As we’ve mentioned before, battle rap predictions are pretty much impossible. Speculate all you want, but anyone who claims to speak with authority on what will happen in a sport this unpredictable is either a psychic or a blowhard. (Note: psychics aren’t real.)

So here’s our breakdown of what might happen at KOTD’s Blackout 4 this weekend. Some of it serious, some less so.

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Podcast Ep. 3: Who should be at Blackout 4?

Diz Pat

KOTD has begun ramping up to their next Toronto mega-event: Blackout 4.

Right now, we don’t know much beyond the Dizaster/Pat Stay title bout, and if all goes according to KOTD’s plan, we won’t know anything more about the matchups until they’re announced at the event.

In this episode, we talk about the legacy of the event, discuss the “Blackout matchup blackout” and suggest some battles we’d like to see.

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