Bigg K: Back for another classic

Illmaculate vs Bigg K at BOTB6. Photo by @Lemme_Kno
Illmaculate vs Bigg K at BOTB6. Photo by @Lemme_Kno

Bigg K used to be one of the top up-and-coming MCs in the scene. After his 2013 clash with Illmaculate, which many called battle of the year, he exchanged “up-and-coming” for “established.”

The Norfolk, Virginia MC first caught people’s attention in URL’s Proving Grounds, then solidified his name on the main stage against Rosenberg Raw. Since then, he’s squared off against Real Deal and Shotgun Suge in upstart leagues. In the ring, he cuts an imposing figure and attacks his opponents with an onslaught of street slang and heavy haymakers.

This weekend in Los Angeles, KOTD hopes to catch lightning in a bottle again by matching Bigg K up with Illmac’s former WRC partner, The Saurus.

T.O. Battle Blog: You’re going up against The Saurus at Vendetta 2. Your last battle was against Illmac. What’s the appeal in taking battles against MCs who go back to the Scribble Jam and GrindTime eras?

Bigg K: I don’t really have an opinion. It just happens to be whose ass I gotta kick.

Are you fans of both of those guys?

Yeah. Friendly fire is still a fuckin’ kill though. I’m fans of them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get they ass whooped, you know? I’m sure they feel the same way.

What do you think The Saurus is going to have in store for you at Vendetta?

I don’t give a fuck, bro. I’m not even going to hear it until I watch it back on footage. I’m going in there to say what I gotta say and do me to the best of my ability. I know if I do me 100% and he does him 100%, I’m still gonna win, ’cause I’m better.

Your battle versus Illmac was widely considered the best battle of last year. Why do you think it resonated with so many people?

That night, I went in there and did me to the best of my ability, and he did his to the best of his ability. So that’s what made the battle so great, because it’s two different point-of-views. It’s a preference battle, you know? If you like what Illmac does, he won. If you like what I do, I won. It was just one of them nights when we both did what were supposed to do.

Given the popularity of the Illmac battle, do you see anyone emulating your style?

Yeah, definitely. I’ve seen people take a lot of my shit. I’m not going to say nothing – it’s like whatever, you know what you did. I know when a motherfucker take my shit. I’m pretty sure anyone that’s in tune has seen it too.

Is there anyone in particular that does it a lot?

There’s a couple of them. They all equally wack, so I ain’t gonna give either one of them shine. They know who they are. They listening right now. They wanna be like daddy. Bunch of goddamn sissies out here.

Bigg K fans want to see more battles from you. Why are you only battling every few months?

That’s when they call me to battle. This year, y’all bout to get a decent little number of battles from me. It wasn’t like no conspiracy, man … I mean, it might have been, I don’t know nothing. But when somebody call me and the offer right, I’ma take it. But if you trying to get me to battle for $100 or shit like that, you get hung up on.

Times-SquareHow many battles are you going to be in this year?

I’d say at least five.

Are we going to see you on URL again?

That’s something you gotta ask URL. I’m not opposed to it. People are making it out like I’m anti-URL. I ain’t never been like that. I’m just pro-Bigg K. Anti-URL? I’m just doing what the fuck is best for me. That’s no shot or no shade at anybody.

Whose battles do you like watching?

[Charlie] Clips. (pauses) You know, I used to not like Hitman [Holla] at first, but now I like watching his battles. He puts on a show.

What about KOTD or Don’t Flop guys?

As far as Don’t Flop, I like … I shouted him out on Twitter. I forgot … damn.


No. Yeah, he’s nice too. (pauses) Fuck is his name, man? (pauses) Oshea.

Oshea? Yeah, he’s pretty good, although I can’t understand half the things he says.

He’s the easiest to understand for me.

Why’s that?

I don’t know why. He just is.

Which battle legends or top-tier guys do you want to face?

Just the people who get a million views every battle.

I noticed the Illmac battle doesn’t have as many views as I thought it would have. Are you surprised by the numbers?

I am. I definitely am. That shit’s weird. That’s one thing I haven’t figured out about this battle shit yet.

Because that battle should be at a million…

You would think so, right? If they call it the battle of the year, you would definitely think a million would be light.

What are you trying to get out of battling?

It’s a mean, mean, mean promotional tool. I never intended to get stuck in this shit; it just happened. I don’t want to use the word “stuck,” but you know what I mean. When I did my first battle, I didn’t think it would turn into this.

Bigg K

What was your first battle?

On camera?



And how did you get “stuck” with battling?

Money. After the first one, it was all about money. And then something happened at the Illmac battle that made me take this shit serious, and now it ain’t about that no more.

Is there decent money to be made in battling?

Hell yeah! Didn’t they say [Loaded] Lux got 40K? I know signed artists that don’t get that a show.

What can we expect from you at Vendetta 2?

If you like Bigg K battles, you gon’ love what the fuck I do there. It’s gon’ be beautiful. I’m not taking no losses no more. To be honest with ya, I’ve never took no loss. This year, it’s some new shit going on. People gon’ get they ass kicked.

Last thing: is there anything you want to plug for the people out there?

Just be on the lookout for Doomsday 2. That’s it.


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Bigg K battles The Saurus at KOTD’s Vendetta 2. Check our preview here. And follow us on Twitter for live updates from the event.

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