Battles of the week: May 12 – 18

In this edition of Battles of the Week, we give shine to some sleeper hits and break down the battles fans from around the world were talking about.


The first battle to drop from KOTD West Coast’s Alcatraz event, and the highest resolution rap battle to date. 3840x 2160? 4k resolution? 16:9 aspect ratio? Using the Red’s Scarlet camera? All I know is that Avocado is the man and we can expect this kind of quality from the rest of the videos.

Props to JC for putting in work for his first KOTD battle, and props to Caustic for being the first one to finally land a solid Bargate punch.


With this, his seventh battle in 2013 (Shotty/Pat/Suge/Dose/JJDD/Hitman/T-Rex), Math Hoffa would be over-saturated if he wasn’t so consistently entertaining. JJDD brings some bars, although we have no idea why he’d want to join the long list of battlers who’ve used a Shady/Aftermath/Interscope line. His performance here is just a taste of what he put on against X-Factor. Check that out on Strictly BARS if/when it drops. Also, make sure you don’t skip Serius Jones’s coin toss callouts.

[We’re working on a “Bars Heard Before” article for the blog. Let us know if you have any specific examples with a Facebook message describing the details. Time codes are appreciated.]


This battle feels like the moment when the U.K. finally earned its stripes from American battle fans on some “Organik vs. Dizaster at Battle of the Bay 5” shit. Cruger has always been one of the U.K.’s best and now a new audience is taking notice. When B-Magic and Hitman Holla are talking about your battles, you know you’re doing something right.

MOS PROB VS DNA (Freestyle)

Mos Prob (who’s had much stronger written performances than this and who is hilarious on Twitter) somehow finds himself down an alley with a bunch of famous URL rappers taking a freestyle battle on about one-minute’s notice – every white rapper’s dream/nightmare. “This is a very surreal match-up,” Eurgh says in the intro. That’s an understatement. It’s nice to see DNA having some fun too.


Battle of the night from this BeastMode event in Toronto. Dyce’s laid-back style and combination of high/low references stood out in the room full of toughs: “I’ll break your skull up into fragments like phrenology charts.” Lexx relies on his huge presence in a performance that is drunk and belligerent, which we assume is just a Staten Island thing. He still spits a couple of slumpers though. Zilla is clearly a big fan.

We missed a great battle that came out at the end of last week. Check this Don’t Flop 2-on-2 semi-final between Cracker the Honky/Cee Major and Nishi/Mr. 13.

Missed last week’s edition? Check it here.

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