Battles of the week: June 9 – 15

This week the West Coast steps to the forefront with three entertaining matchups, URL puts out a battle of the sexes, and Bonnie Godiva almost falls off the stage.


The last battle to go down from Round 2 of the Ground Zero Grand Prix was well worth the wait. The showdown was delayed by two weeks because of a miscommunication between Ayem and the KOTD staff.  Megadef seems to have used the extra time to hone his usually loud, aggressive style into a focused beam of white hot rage. Either that or he spent the two weeks binging on Xanax.

We expect this loss will still get Ayem a bigger name for his next battle. Just look how Lex D went from losing to Cobalt 45 to battling Cadalack Ron.

For a full breakdown of the entire second round check our GZGP recap.


This battle between two West Coast vets is a timewarp to the heyday of Grind Time, right down to the QP baby mama reference. Caddy addresses the accusations Tantrum made in the third round of their battle and shines a light on one of the biggest rivalries in battle rap: Lush One and Madd Illz. For more background on the fall of Grind Time check out this interview with Madd Illz and this one with Lush. We interviewed Caddy about this battle the day after it happened.


KOTD takes another step toward West Coast dominance with this battle between two Jungle alums. The Deadman shows how he earned his battle with The Saurus, with a punch-per-minute rate that’s gotta be on par with B-Magic’s. A proper second round from Cocky would’ve made things a lot more debatable, and the heaviest punches he throws in the third are at Fox.


The URL Vault opens to release a fun battle from early 2012. Smack challenged QOTR battler Phara Funeral to go up against Hitman while they were in St. Louis for the Aye Verb/Hitman battle. Both sides were given 17 minutes to write 16 bars and then faced off in a hotel hallway. Don’t miss Big T’s hug at the end.


A one-round rematch of the 2009 classic. Entertaining enough, even though both guys seem to take it light. Never a good sign when the most exciting part of your battle is Bonnie Godiva almost falling off the stage.

Also of note:

TOBB judged Luciano Crakk vs Made Wade with a new system. Let us know what you think on Twitter.
Daylyt stripped naked against Dialect in the UK. Full battle here.
Lord K solved a Rubik’s Cube during Imperial K’s round and then Imperial K rapped his third while doing yo-yo tricks.
A transgender rapper battled in Utah.

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