Top quotes from the #WD4 press conference

photo(41)On the eve of World Domination 4, KOTD put together a press conference to build hype and for the media to get up-to-speed with what the hell battle rap is all about. The whole thing went smoothly and the on-stage bickering between the battlers made for some massively entertaining moments. KOTD will be releasing the full footage any minute now. Scroll to the bottom for more photos too.

Here are some of the best quotes, or at least the ones I could furiously scrawl down in my notepad.

“NFL has the Super Bowl. Soccer has the World Cup. Battle rap needed something big, so we came up with World Domination.” – Organik in his opening statement

“If a spelling bee can be considered a sport, then so can battle rap.” – Bishop Brigante

“He’s good but he’s never been in the ring with a killer before.” – Cortez on Tycoon Tax

“Tell this nigga to take his hat off.” – Tycoon Tax on Cortez

“Loe Pesci, how you gonna choke the press conference?” - Daylyt on the Pesci press conference no-show

“I sweat a lot on stage and I think Charlie Clips will definitely outsweat me.” - Hollohan

“You do every battle promo so you can say you’ve never lost.” - Hollohan

“We can battle for the chain… Oh wait, you lost that.” - Charlie Clips

“…, …, thanks …” - Daylyt after having his microphone adjusted while he stood at the podium in silence.

“Imma show you why I’m #1 in America.” - Arsonal

“I’ve been to Sweden like five times.” - Dizaster

“Yeah and you lost to a booty nigga named Crome.” - Arsonal

“Imma fuck you and your hair up. Go open a locked car door with it.” - Dizaster

“People used to think I hated Asians. I had an Asian girlfriend at the time. I used to practice punchlines on her.” - Dizaster

“He’s a good performer, but he’s got the pen game of a 10-year-old.” - Dizaster on Arsonal

“Shut your dumb ass up.” - Arsonal to Dizaster

“Ain’t no fucking faceoff. I’ll rip his fucking face off.” - Diz after being asked to go face to face with Ars for a photo op.

“Do you want a hug?” - Arsonal

“I think Caustic is a punk for that. That’s some rat-ass sucka shit.” - Pat Stay on Bargate

“It sucks to go from Math and Ice to Charron. I’ll end up tickling him.” -Pat Stay

“Oh, by the way, I told all my bars to Bishop.” – Pat Stay

“If you win the battle, will you stop ducking Block Bangaz’s Bulle and Jah Notez?” - Mookie Wilson to Pat Stay

“It’s Illite MC from South Africa. I don’t really have a question. I just wanted to say I’m from South Africa.” - Illite MC after asking for the mic during question period


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