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Top 5 Don’t Flop battles of 2013

Marlo vs Shuffle

Don’t Flop has had an incredible year. They continued to develop a strong stable of domestic rappers able to compete with international opponents, and built a massive fanbase. Twice they hit mainstream media coverage, first with the Probposal (currently at 1.6 million views and counting) and again with Micky Worthless bodybagging pop idol James Arthur’s career.

They’ve hosted stacks of international battles, featuring some of the biggest names in battle rap, including Math Hoffa, Conceited, Real Deal, The Saurus, Daylyt and about a dozen more. But as you’ll see from our list, most of the best battles came from U.K. on U.K. matchups.

High-visibility disagreements between Eurgh and a variety of North American MCs clouded the league’s shine and left fans wondering if they’d ever see some of their favourites in Don’t Flop again. Still, it could be the impetus to draw fresh international faces in 2014.

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Battles of the week: May 5 – 11


After storming the rap world with their “bad bars” battle, Shuffle T and Marlo are back again in the always-entertaining compliment format. Their opponents Big J and Lefty must know what they’re getting themselves into when they insist on going first. This is the kind of content that Don’t Flop does better than anyone else – funny, clever, likeable, accessible. Forget DNA vs Arsonal, this is the Don’t Flop classic you need to watch.

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