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Dizaster vs Math Hoffa: The other side of the equation

Picture via Twitter. Let us know if you made it for credit.
Picture via Twitter. Let us know if you made it for credit.
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No battle rap event in recent years is complete without a vascular hit of controversy. That metaphor was crafted in the wake of the latest Cadalack Ron uproar, but it can apply to any fight, Eurgh-directed spitting incident, lines gone awry (thinking again of Cadalack’s Zimmerman bar) or snatched Crip bandanas. Drama follows the form around like a hound. Keep in mind: all of these vague references to the already-well-documented moments above are from the last twelve months.

It’s only apt then, in the shadow of these recent controversies, that Dizaster, on home turf, waited until the end of his headline BOLA 5 word-fight against Math Hoffa, and without hesitation unleashed a barrage of punches that continued long after his opponent had left a vertical stance. Various crowd members stepped in to both add punches and break it up. Barriers were scattered and equipment was damaged in the process.

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[UPDATE] Impressions of “The Road to Total Slaughter”

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[UPDATE - July 15] We’ve done recaps for all the episodes now. Check our first impressions below, and Ep. 2, Ep. 3 and Ep. 4 on BattleRap.com.


Tonight was the debut of “The Road to Total Slaughter” reality show on Fuse TV, which probably features at least one of your favourite battle rappers. The show stars Aye Verb, Big T, Dizaster, Marv Won, Daylyt, Arsonal, Cortez, T-Rex and Math Hoffa, who live together in a house for a week as they compete in a tournament against each other. Between battles, they’re “mentored” by Loaded Lux and Murda Mook.

The first episode didn’t spend much time introducing the characters to the broader audience, instead taking more of a fly-on-the-wall approach and letting the battlers reveal their personalities as they bantered and argued about YouTube views and win-loss records. For the most part it had a casual reality TV feel to it, cutting head-on monologues with unrehearsed group conversations.

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Battles of the week: May 12 – 18

In this edition of Battles of the Week, we give shine to some sleeper hits and break down the battles fans from around the world were talking about.


The first battle to drop from KOTD West Coast’s Alcatraz event, and the highest resolution rap battle to date. 3840x 2160? 4k resolution? 16:9 aspect ratio? Using the Red’s Scarlet camera? All I know is that Avocado is the man and we can expect this kind of quality from the rest of the videos.

Props to JC for putting in work for his first KOTD battle, and props to Caustic for being the first one to finally land a solid Bargate punch.

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