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Everything you missed at KOTD’s Vengeance 2

photo(13)Yesterday T.O. Battle Blog had complete access to King of the Dot’s Vengeance 2 event at the Guvernment nightclub in Toronto. It was an overall solid event with some incredible battles, dozens of familiar faces and a few big disappointments.

First of all, KOTD fixed the sound issues that plagued Blackout 3, and the setup for the event was a huge improvement. Blackout 3 was too big, too crowded, too crazy. Vengeance 2 was the opposite. The crowd was too small and spread out for a venue that size, and the attendance suffered from having no hometown heroes on the card.

Hollohan and Charlie Clips didn’t go down. The story was that Hollohan had been arrested and that he was staying locked up until a judge could see him Monday morning. We reached out to him for comment but he still seems completely MIA. This is the second major battle that has been cancelled because of Hollohan’s issues (first was against Cortez). Continue reading

The best battle rap GIFs of all time

Everyone likes GIFs. Why? Here is Slate’s Jonah Weiner with his take: “In the two minutes it might take me to load a viral video and watch it in full, I can watch the money shots of 15 different viral videos. Yes, we’re talking about decadent levels of impatience, inanity, and time-wasting here, but GIFs allow us to waste less time online—or, rather, to waste it more efficiently.”

That’s why the GIF has become essential to battle rap consumption. These days, battles can run upwards of 60 minutes in length on YouTube, thanks to longer rounds and more ambitious video production. The GIF, however, distills that viewing experience down to one hilarious Lush One reaction or meme-worthy catchphrase — in other words, the stuff you actually remember months later.

We’ve collected 32 of the best GIFs to come out of battle rap in the YouTube-era. Special thanks to the posters on RapMusic.com, from where most of these GIFs were culled.

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