Overheard at KOTD’s World Domination

Battle rap events are filled with funny people. Sometimes the best lines of the night come outside of the battles with fans or rappers just chopping it up in the venue. Here’s a collection of (absolutely true) snippets of conversation overheard at WD4:

Dizaster, to Aspire: “Holy fuck… IT’S YOU. You’re a legend!”

Deffinition on Dizaster: “Man. these are like 48 bar setups, man. Did he just say he’s a battle rap magician? A BATTLE RAP MAGICIAN? i thinks that’s en- *trips over lighting* I think that’s enough for me.”

Pigsty after his battle: “Outta nowhere a hand came out and adjusted the mic, no idea who it was … then they pocketchecked me and rubbed ball sweat in my face.”

Pat Stay to an overeager fan: “WHAT you fuckin DUNCAN!?”

Dizaster to Uno Lavoz: “The shit i said about Arsonal was real right?”
Lavoz: “Pffft that’s what she told me.”

Fan 1, during title match set up: “Who’s the big guy on stage?”
Fan 2: “That’s Pat Stay.”

Fan, during Real Deal/Rone: “Educated white boys rap battle real goooooood.”

New fan, after PH was two rounds in against Deffinition: “This guy gonna win unanimous.”

Journalist, at her first KOTD event: “Are we allowed to tweet who won?”

Fan: “Clips has the best flow ever.”

Fan: “Lush was a better MC than Brigante but that’s not hard to do.”

Fan: “I was looking at Gattas when Bonnie was spitting and I think there was legitimate lust in her face.”

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