[UPDATE] Impressions of “The Road to Total Slaughter”

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[UPDATE - July 15] We’ve done recaps for all the episodes now. Check our first impressions below, and Ep. 2, Ep. 3 and Ep. 4 on BattleRap.com.


Tonight was the debut of “The Road to Total Slaughter” reality show on Fuse TV, which probably features at least one of your favourite battle rappers. The show stars Aye Verb, Big T, Dizaster, Marv Won, Daylyt, Arsonal, Cortez, T-Rex and Math Hoffa, who live together in a house for a week as they compete in a tournament against each other. Between battles, they’re “mentored” by Loaded Lux and Murda Mook.

The first episode didn’t spend much time introducing the characters to the broader audience, instead taking more of a fly-on-the-wall approach and letting the battlers reveal their personalities as they bantered and argued about YouTube views and win-loss records. For the most part it had a casual reality TV feel to it, cutting head-on monologues with unrehearsed group conversations.

Highlights included:

- Daylyt showing up to the house in his underwear and a backpack and getting lectured by Lux on using antics in battles
- Dizaster and Aye Verb arguing about who won their battle
- T-Rex making a “surprise visit” and challenging Cortez to a battle where the winner got a place in the tournament and the loser had to sleep on the couch
- Joe Budden and the rest of the Slaughterhouse crew visiting the house

The production values were high and this introductory episode gave fans a taste of what they can expect from the rest of the four-episode season, as well as from the Total Slaughter event on July 12.

Reaction on Twitter was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with only a few people being openly negative. We’ve been skeptical about this show in the past, but thought it was definitely a strong start, even if Cortez did get a raw deal.

Here are some of the more interesting reactions we saw on Twitter as the show aired:

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