Everything you missed at KOTD’s Vengeance 2

photo(13)Yesterday T.O. Battle Blog had complete access to King of the Dot’s Vengeance 2 event at the Guvernment nightclub in Toronto. It was an overall solid event with some incredible battles, dozens of familiar faces and a few big disappointments.

First of all, KOTD fixed the sound issues that plagued Blackout 3, and the setup for the event was a huge improvement. Blackout 3 was too big, too crowded, too crazy. Vengeance 2 was the opposite. The crowd was too small and spread out for a venue that size, and the attendance suffered from having no hometown heroes on the card.

Hollohan and Charlie Clips didn’t go down. The story was that Hollohan had been arrested and that he was staying locked up until a judge could see him Monday morning. We reached out to him for comment but he still seems completely MIA. This is the second major battle that has been cancelled because of Hollohan’s issues (first was against Cortez).

Clips was incredibly good-natured about the no-show and gave the crowd “sumthin’ light” of what he had prepared for Hollohan. STRAIGHT FIRE:

After I kill you in Canada I’m going back to America to get that Smack bread/ Speaking of Smack I got a Shotgun and a Calicoe, they both clap leads/ Two Canadian guns, I call ‘em Hollohan and Pat Stay – they both crack heads.

He called out Pat Stay repeatedly, who eventually came through the crowd so Clips could say it to his face.

If Pat Stay wanna play games, I’ll leave him mentally scarred. When I load up and give PS 2 in his memory card.

We spoke to Clips about his feelings on Hollohan not showing up:

No joke, dude should be the next mayor of New York.

Full video of Clips’ performance will be on the KOTD Pay Per View (starting Sunday at 4:00 EDT) and will eventually come out on the KOTD Media channel.

Battle of the night

Tie to Rone/Fresco and DNA/The Saurus. Both contenders for best battle of the year so far.

Fresco battling Rone at Vengeance 2.
Fresco battling Rone at Vengeance 2.

Performance of the night

Could’ve gone to any of the guys in the above matches, but I’ll say Fresco just because I want to see him battle more often. His third round Penn State scheme about Rone getting molested by Jerry Sandusky was incredible.

That battle in N.Y. wasn’t the first time you got DNA in your ass.

Line of the night

DNA’s angle about his and The Saurus’ fathers talking in heaven. Also The Saurus’ “Eric’s a bad dude/Erykah Badu/Head wrapped/head clapped/Eric Clapton/Clapped him” multi had people reacting before he was even halfway through it. There was a lot more to it but my pen couldn’t keep up and I was too busy nodding my head and saying DAMN to take notes.

TheSaurus vs DNA
TheSaurus and DNA prep for their battle at Vengeance 2.

Corny joke of the night

Goes to The Saurus, for:

“What do you call the guys who ghostwrite for DNA? DNAids.”

Also of note

-Familiar faces in the crowd: Pat Stay, Arcane, 100 Bulletz, Bender, Uno Lavoz, Knamelis, Charron, Lush One, Scott Jackson, Laura Tarsi, Mystique, Tycoon Tax, Luciano Crakk, Made Wade, Notez and Realiztic, Tyler Lemco from Epic Meal Time and criminal lawyer Loui Dallas.

-Only Scynikal/Lexx Luthor and Aftershock/Real Talk were judged.

-Lexx Luthor was unhappy that some of the judges for his battle with Scynikal didn’t know either of their names. It definitely makes it harder to appreciate the name flips.

-Real Talk had one of my favourite name flips of the night for Aftershock. “How you gonna name yourself after an earthquake and do nothing that’s ground breaking?

-Las Vegas’ Nov ended his impressive KOTD debut against Skelly with a “your girl’s got an onion booty/I nearly cried when I split it” bar that sounded similar to what Osa spat against Skelly years ago. “Shoutout to Osa,” Skelly said to the camera. (Not exactly sure if Nov was twisting the line and I missed it. Sounded like a straight quote to me and a few others though.)

-Tony D and Real Deal ran into each other at the airport and spent the day before their battle hanging out by accident.

-Charlie Clips was there to see Tony D stumble through his first two rounds against Real Deal. They battle in Don’t Flop on April 27. Tony told me he was still prepping his bars up until the last day, but that he felt good and was well-rested before the battle. Tony’s accent and some hostility from the crowd didn’t help though.

-Rone apparently had a lot to drink on Friday night, but didn’t let his hangover affect his performance. I found him napping backstage at one point. Both he and Fresco said they felt like throwing up in the middle of their battle.

-DNA called for a title shot against Arcane twice.

-The Saurus and DNA were so evenly paired that they actually spat a lot of the same concepts (or both paid Caustic for the same bars). They both had something about “Pete Rose/Pete rolls” and “Peter’s bread/pita bread.” After it was over, Charron was disappointed, saying “You can’t have a promo title shot battle.”

Luciano Crakk and Uno Lavoz at Vengeance 2.
Luciano Crakk and Uno Lavoz at Vengeance 2.

-Uno Lavoz told me he wanted to battle Luciano Crakk early in his career, but Crakk turned him down because he wasn’t a big enough name.

-Uno Lavoz is not a milkman. He’s a truck driver.

-Outside the venue after the event, a drunk (crackhead?) was getting in everybody’s way and freestyling (poorly) for spare change. Notez bodybagged him by telling him to “Go stop traffic with those yellow teeth.”

-There were too many mentions of Arcane and Caustic to count.

-Realiztic is confirmed as Notez‘ cousin.

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Synikal vs Lexx Luthor
Scynikal vs Lexx Luthor
Real Talk vs Aftershock
Real Talk vs Aftershock
Uno Lavoz and Lush One
Uno Lavoz and Lush One


Synikal at Vengeance 2
Scynikal at Vengeance 2
DJ Vekked, DMC Canadian champion
DJ Vekked, DMC Canadian champion


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  3. Hydro

    Really dope blog. I just recently watched a Luciano Crakk battle against JC… I don’t know how I’ve been missing JC battles… dude’s insanely good.

    Just comes to show that Luciano Crakk needs to drop the ego and battle up and comers (like himself)… look and Illmaculate and The Saurus, they’re two of the best in the game and they battle up-and-comers all the time when honestly they could say no.

    Now I’m off to read other articles, lol.

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