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Everything you missed at KOTD’s World Domination 4 (Day 1)

World Domination 4 got off to a stellar start on Friday, with six battles that were (mostly) good to great. The event went down at Toronto’s Opera House — the nicest venue that KOTD has ever thrown an event in — and it drew a big crowd with plenty of new faces and out-of-towners. T.O. Battle Blog watched the action from the first row, and in between battles, we found time to interview a selection of battlers. You’ll hear more about those later.

Without further ado, here’s a rundown of the six battles from Friday. And as always, be warned: there will be spoilers.

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Top quotes from the #WD4 press conference

photo(41)On the eve of World Domination 4, KOTD put together a press conference to build hype and for the media to get up-to-speed with what the hell battle rap is all about. The whole thing went smoothly and the on-stage bickering between the battlers made for some massively entertaining moments. KOTD will be releasing the full footage any minute now. Scroll to the bottom for more photos too.

Here are some of the best quotes, or at least the ones I could furiously scrawl down in my notepad.

“NFL has the Super Bowl. Soccer has the World Cup. Battle rap needed something big, so we came up with World Domination.” – Organik in his opening statement

“If a spelling bee can be considered a sport, then so can battle rap.” – Bishop Brigante

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World Domination 4 predictions

The days before an event are always the most exciting. Every battle still has potential to be the greatest ever, and every battler is poised to have the next scene-shattering performance. Right now, battlers from around the world are congregating in Toronto for the biggest battle rap event the city has even seen. The whole rap landscape could be changed after this weekend. Legends will rise, reputations will be destroyed, etc.

Here’s how we see it happening:

Dizaster vs Arsonal
Becomes the highest-viewed battle of all time. Everyone on RMBVA hates it.

Arcane vs Pat Stay
Arcane has the performance of his career until Pat Stay noogies him.

Charron vs Shotgun Suge
Suge no-shows, and if he doesn’t Charron pocket-checks him in the first round. If Suge shows up and loses, he’s going to his car, getting his other gun, and shooting everybody’s ass.

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