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Battles of the week: May 26 – June 1

This week we highlight one of battle rap’s most divisive figures, a debatable win that spurred accusations of national bias, and a hilarious match-up between book smarts and street smarts.


This isn’t only the best “female battle” of the week, it’s one of the best from any league. It starts a bit slow, but had us convinced by the end. The use of props often gets scoffed at in battle rap, but Fit’s use of the iPad (similar to O-Red using portraits against Rosenberg Raw) works on some “Exhibit A” shit.

First time we’ve seen a battle rapper tag in a partner during a 1-on-1 match too. [UPDATE: … except here and here.]

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Battles of the week: May 19 – 25

This week’s battles feature some new West Coast talent, a return to form from a U.K. champ and Toronto’s alternate-reality comedy rap scene.


Not much to say about this battle really – it speaks for itself. One round in and you’ll know why it’s at the top of this list. It’s the first of two videos from KOTD’s Alcatraz event that we’re featuring this week. With the quality of content we saw on the PPV, expect that to be a trend for the next couple months.

One other thing: battlers should take notes on how Pass closes his rounds.

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Battles of the week: May 12 – 18

In this edition of Battles of the Week, we give shine to some sleeper hits and break down the battles fans from around the world were talking about.


The first battle to drop from KOTD West Coast’s Alcatraz event, and the highest resolution rap battle to date. 3840x 2160? 4k resolution? 16:9 aspect ratio? Using the Red’s Scarlet camera? All I know is that Avocado is the man and we can expect this kind of quality from the rest of the videos.

Props to JC for putting in work for his first KOTD battle, and props to Caustic for being the first one to finally land a solid Bargate punch.

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Battles of the week: May 5 – 11


After storming the rap world with their “bad bars” battle, Shuffle T and Marlo are back again in the always-entertaining compliment format. Their opponents Big J and Lefty must know what they’re getting themselves into when they insist on going first. This is the kind of content that Don’t Flop does better than anyone else – funny, clever, likeable, accessible. Forget DNA vs Arsonal, this is the Don’t Flop classic you need to watch.

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Battles of the week: April 28 – May 4

A career performance, a throwback oddity and a tight one-rounder in our latest installment of Battles of the Week.


Last time we saw Lotta Zay, he was spitting three quality rounds of name flips against Daylyt while wearing a grim reaper mask. In his latest battle, his bars are lightyears ahead and his performance earned him a whopping 14 Don Demarcos. Loaded Lux only netted 12 in his battle against Calicoe. Tone comes hard too, but seems to realize in his third that there was no beating Zay that night.

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Battles of the week: April 21 – 27

Pretty quiet week in battle rap releases as most leagues were busy putting on 4/20 events. Hopefully that’ll mean a glut of quality content in the weeks to come. Add us on Facebook to keep up with the latest.


KOTD’s marquee upload this week. We were raving about this battle when it happened, but the video left us a little cold. Let us know what you thought on Twitter.

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