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Everything you missed at GZGP Round 4 (Vancouver)

From pretty much all accounts, the latest KOTD event in Vancouver was the best one the city’s ever seen. The battles were solid, the crowd was hype and only one person got hit with a chair.

T.O. Battle Blog wasn’t in the building, but we reached out to Pigsty, A-Class, Megadef and DDSS to get their perspectives on their own battles. We also have Sketch Menace, who co-hosted with KOTD Vancouver’s La Sparka, breaking down Lex D vs Rupert Common.

If you want another perspective, or the info on the undercard battles, check out @CopaseticSoulz’s recap. Kudos to him for sharing his photos too.


Megadef vs DDSS. Photo by @CopaseticSoulz
Megadef vs DDSS. Photo by @CopaseticSoulz

This battle was for the last spot in the GZGP finals against Step Easy. DDSS had come off a few weak wins and Mega had the Fresh Coast confidence on his side after a decisive win over Cobalt45. Here’s their take on how it went down:

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Battlers on battling: You never forget your first time

Last month’s KOTD Vengeance event was a who’s who of the battling scene. We used it as an opportunity to ask 14 rappers one question: What do you remember about your first battle?


Watch Fresco and Rone battle at Vengeance 2

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