Battles of the week: May 5 – 11


After storming the rap world with their “bad bars” battle, Shuffle T and Marlo are back again in the always-entertaining compliment format. Their opponents Big J and Lefty must know what they’re getting themselves into when they insist on going first. This is the kind of content that Don’t Flop does better than anyone else – funny, clever, likeable, accessible. Forget DNA vs Arsonal, this is the Don’t Flop classic you need to watch.


It’s too bad Soul punched Caustic after that Jefferson Price fiasco, because it means that Don’t Flop banned one of their dopest MCs just as both were hitting their stride. Luckily his KOTD debut against Wize Guy, and this one, where he breaks down DF regular Unanymous, are enough to make sure he’s known more for his pen game than for his punches. [UPDATE: Soul is back in Don’t Flop]


Las Vegas’s AHAT league celebrated their five-year anniversary last month, pitting crowd-favourite Doms against URL and 106 & Park alum Syahboy. Doms didn’t make much noise when he battled for KOTD’s Ground Zero West Coast, but this performance and the bodies he’s been catching in other leagues warrant a look for WD4.


Real Talk’s biggest problem as an MC is that he writes better than he remembers, though that’s probably due to the complexity of his schemes. Here he gets off an impressive round against Young Kannon who brings enough energy to impress everyone except Dirt. This battle is begging for two more rounds.


Probably one of the most anticipated (and bootlegged) releases in recent history, this battle went down in February and is only coming out now (despite being promised months ago). Daylyt has one of the most divisive style in battle rap: some praise his non-sequiturs and free association bars as brilliance, others as nonsense.

Bad audio in Shotty’s first round and a stumble/freestyle to end his second are reason enough to start 16:00 into the battle, where Daylyt is in top form.

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Here’s an excerpt:


Clearly the battle the crowd was there to see, as both corners had about 20 people in them (and at 1:45 a.m., no less). Made Wade’s supporters were chanting his name before the cameras started rolling. Once they quieted down Tycoon Tax called out: “You guys are herbs. All of you.”

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  1. battlerapuk

    Disagree about skipping shotty’s first, even with the bad quality it was probably the best round of the battle.

    Also Soul might get back in DF, Innuendo was banned a few years back and he recently just made his return so anything is possible, luckily there is enough emerging new leagues in the UK to provide us with more Soul battles if it doesnt happen.

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