Battles of the week: May 26 – June 1

This week we highlight one of battle rap’s most divisive figures, a debatable win that spurred accusations of national bias, and a hilarious match-up between book smarts and street smarts.


This isn’t only the best “female battle” of the week, it’s one of the best from any league. It starts a bit slow, but had us convinced by the end. The use of props often gets scoffed at in battle rap, but Fit’s use of the iPad (similar to O-Red using portraits against Rosenberg Raw) works on some “Exhibit A” shit.

First time we’ve seen a battle rapper tag in a partner during a 1-on-1 match too. [UPDATE: … except here and here.]


A perfect example of why non-title/tournament/contender’s matches don’t need to be judged. People should be talking about the quality of this battle rather than the controversy over the decision. Don’t let Arkaic’s 2-7 record fool you. He’s stepped up his game enough lately to deserve this match-up against a battle legend.

If you don’t already know that Arkaic is dating the female DF interviewer and that Micky Worthless did a full round about getting with her, this battle will make a lot less sense.

Sonny Bamboo bodying (a well-prepared) Villun on Don’t Flop could’ve easily made the BOTW list too, but we’re going with Illmac/Ark because it’s a closer battle and the sound quality is better.


Another entertaining battle from Don’t Flop, this time without any big international names to help bring in views. Don’t skip this one even if you don’t recognize the battlers. Each side plays up their personas for hilarious results in what essentially boils down to street smarts vs book smarts.


A battle from round 2 of KOTD’s Grand Prix [read our full recap here], between two guys who’ve known each other for 10 years. Notez is emerging as one of the most divisive figures in battle rap right now. Just browse through the YouTube comments and you’ll see how much extreme love/hate is tossed at him. We’ve been going to events for years and can honestly say: there’s nothing like seeing Notez perform live. The camera only catches a fraction of his energy.


Despite all the flak that GrindTime Now catches online, there’s no denying that Jonny Storm at his best is still a beast. Great presence and projection, relevant bars and funny jokes. Worth a look, but don’t feel bad if you tap out before Scotty’s third.

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