Battles of the week: May 19 – 25

This week’s battles feature some new West Coast talent, a return to form from a U.K. champ and Toronto’s alternate-reality comedy rap scene.


Not much to say about this battle really – it speaks for itself. One round in and you’ll know why it’s at the top of this list. It’s the first of two videos from KOTD’s Alcatraz event that we’re featuring this week. With the quality of content we saw on the PPV, expect that to be a trend for the next couple months.

One other thing: battlers should take notes on how Pass closes his rounds.


After choking badly against Real Deal at KOTD’s Vengeance 2 event in March, Tony D returns and proves he’s still one of the best bar-for-bar MCs in Don’t Flop. As Tony points out: “I forgot what I wrote, I didn’t forget how to write.”

Seems like everybody loves Charlie Clips, and with good reason. His charisma has the crowd reacting even as he forgets his bars. We weren’t joking when we said he should run for mayor of New York.


It’s fitting that Lil Dave brings a round full of fat jokes to this battle, because when he’s done, Big Kannon eats him alive. Kannon has been so on point lately we’re surprised this battle didn’t make more noise. His next one should, when he returns to the URL against Syahboy this summer.

Check the editing accents and sound effects that come with the hardest bars. They make up for some of the jittery camerawork. Oh, and Daylyt’s reactions >>>.


Mostly unknown outside of the Arizona scene, Nitty and Pilot were the first battle on the Alcatraz card but were impressive enough to be the third video to drop on YouTube. A definite honour for undercarders. Looking forward to seeing how direct they can be once they get the bigger names they deserve.

Nitty against Staxx and Pilot against KG the Poet are both worth a look if you want more.


Ok, this one’s a bit different. Actually, this one’s A LOT different. You probably didn’t realize Toronto has a thriving parallel-universe battle rap scene run by comedians. We caught RappBattlez Volume 37 this weekend, and will have a full recap coming later in the week. Here’s an older battle featuring Dan Beirne (the first James Bond), who put on a performance so good on Saturday we’d pick him over a lot of established battlers.

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