Battles of the week: June 2 – 8

In this week’s battles: new talent gets some shine, a rapper is interrupted by a crackhead, and TOBattleBlog gets its first reference.


This is a master’s class in street battle rap. Both guys draw deep on references from all over the world of sports, movies, history, geography, hip hop and battling and somehow manage to bring all of it back to shooting each other.

We’ll break down just one of  B-Magic’s bars so you get a sense:

“I’m hella sick, boy/you get turned down the wrong road/I bet these 3 16s will leave him Stone Cold/So try again like you typed in the wrong code/I’m Shock G/I’ll leave you underground with this long nose.

Both rappers get 14 “Don Demarcos,” tying Lotta Zay’s record against Tone Montana.


Bulletz heads into the lion’s den to battle Dan and the whole Fresh Coast. It takes him about two and a half rounds before finally getting some applause. Dan obviously puts on for the home-state crowd. Good to see him returning in top form.

There was some confusion at the end of the battle as to whether or not it was supposed to be judged. J-Pro told us: “It was the last battle… everyone was high and drunk… the hosts forgot. It was always promo though.”

We asked Lush One how high he was for the battle: “It was the last battle of the event so I was the most turnt. I genuinely enjoy battles a lot though so most of my reactions aren’t even really chemically induced. I was just turnt and everyone else was tired and burnt from smokin all day since it was 4/20 and they looked extra zombish in comparison.”

Dan broke down the battle from his perspective in Episode 9 of his podcast. We interviewed 100 Bulletz to get his thoughts on it too.

For what it’s worth, the guy who edited this video is not a fan of Bulletz.


After a three-year hiatus from Don’t Flop for undisclosed reasons, Innuendo is back to battle an opponent other than himself. Youthoracle effortlessly jumps into rampant speculation and rumour over why Innuendo wasn’t around.

DF has gotten a lot of attention from their international matchups recently, but they built their devoted fan base with battles like this, between strong local talent.


Probably one of the strangest settings for a battle we’ve seen in recent memory, as two Cali natives go at it on Las Vegas’s Fremont strip at 4:30 a.m. after arriving late for AHAT’s five-year anniversary event. Danny Myers was there and told us over Twitter that QP was pausing during his round because he was looking at “a crackhead that walked up lol.”


This is the battle we were raving about in our GZGP Round 2 recap. Seems like KOTD liked it enough to put these under-carders on their main channel. If you’re expecting Pat Stay vs Hollohan, it might not live up to expectations, but take it for what it is: an entertaining, fun, light battle. Realiztic does the Harlem Shake, for god’s sake.


Another battle where charisma is key. Young B catches a mean body and clowns Super Villain (no relation to Star from what we can tell) so hard that he can’t help but laugh at himself for a lot of it. Young B cracks up the crowd with just one N-bomb to start his second round. Keep an eye on this guy.


This title match from BeastMODE is one of the best battles they’ve ever put out. The opening line of Doumz’s knockout third round also marks the first in-battle reference to TOBattleBlog. It’s mildly accurate.

TOBB logo

We did an interview with KOTD hood rapper Notez. He’s a compelling enough subject that you should read it whether you know/like him or not.

Next round of the GZGP is coming up on July 6. Here’s our recap of the last events.

Check out the last installment of “Battles of the week.

Oh, and Daylyt stripped in a battle and the Internet exploded.

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