Battles of the week: April 28 – May 4

A career performance, a throwback oddity and a tight one-rounder in our latest installment of Battles of the Week.


Last time we saw Lotta Zay, he was spitting three quality rounds of name flips against Daylyt while wearing a grim reaper mask. In his latest battle, his bars are lightyears ahead and his performance earned him a whopping 14 Don Demarcos. Loaded Lux only netted 12 in his battle against Calicoe. Tone comes hard too, but seems to realize in his third that there was no beating Zay that night.


It’s the battle that everyone wanted to see . . . five years ago. Both veteran rappers show up and put on, but the whole battle is only as long as Notez’s first round against Yung Casper.

After last week’s mini scandal over Mad Illz’ 25,000 fake Twitter followers it makes us wonder why a channel with 90,000 subscribers can only muster 6,000 views in the first week. [UPDATE: Just found this post from Jonny Storm on “the battle is not ‘public’ yet so it hasnt even been sent to the GTN subcribers, its unlisted still so views arent even from GTN subs.” Stay tuned…]


Criminally slept-on battle from Detroit’s Bar Wars battle league. Performances, bars, audio, video, crowd: all on point. Our pick for second-best one-rounder of the year so far (Marlo vs. Shuffle T is the first — and yes we’ve seen Calicoe vs. Daylyt).


DNA vs. Arsonal was the battle everyone was talking about this week, but we expect people won’t be calling it a classic in six months. Missing tooth bars were played out back when DNA was still missing a tooth.

Check out Don’t Flop’s trailer for the battles earlier in the night, which are hopefully the reason the crowd was in such a good mood for this one.

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